Green Architecture And Construction

A smart and energy-conserving construction method that takes advantage of natural resources to create a healthy, high-quality and friendly environment for the inhabitants of the structure called – Green Architecture & Construction. Using the principles of Green Construction in both a passive and active manner contributes to achieving the desired construction goals. Optimizing and maximizing natural resources begins with placing the structure correctly within the site, orienting the various components of the structure properly, and creating a dialogue with the gardens surrounding it. Choosing the right raw materials, taking advantage of solar energy and wind directions, using ‘green roofs’, biological swimming pools and soil conservation, economical use of water and appropriate selection of plantings are some of the methods available to us. In our office, ‘Green Architecture and Construction’ and a green environment constitute a way of life that we believe in. We harness our vast experience to this enterprise, utilizing the principles of a green approach at each and every stage of planning and execution.