Who Am I

Kobi Tal, a landscape designer and graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Faculty of Agriculture, specializing in gardens and landscaping. Later, he studied ecological principles in designing landscapes and green construction. Kobi has been running an international landscape design and architecture firm for more than 30 years that has provided architectural and landscaping services for projects in both the private and public sectors in Israel and abroad. During these many years, Kobi has acquired a great deal of experience in all the fields required for landscaping work. This includes the use of a wide range of innovative technologies that can improve the appearance of any garden, its quality, and its ease of maintenance over the long term.

About Our Office

The office has been located in Moshav Galia, a pastoral location, for more than 20 years and has been providing design and supervision services according to what our clients have defined and the project requirements. In addition, our firm can execute any project involving all of its component parts. Kobi Tal Landscape Design And Architecture operates both in Israel and abroad and offers solutions for any size of area whether large or small, with responsibility and devotion: private gardens, roof gardens, patios, gardens connected with banqueting halls, etc.

A description of how my firm handles projects

The design process starts with consolidating a preliminary design concept, then continues by suggesting design alternatives and simulations, up to a detailed design which includes accurate drawings for execution and the preparation of bills of quantities for issuing tenders. The design includes various elements according to the client’s taste, the facts on the ground and budgetary constraints:

  • developing the area and situating buildings on the plot
  • creating lakes and ornamental pools
  • swimming pools both biological and conventional
  • green walls
  • parking areas
  • musical fountains
  • pergolas
  • outdoor kitchens
  • paved areas
  • games and sports installations
  • designs for lighting
  • irrigation
  • vegetation
  • and anything else you could possibly imagine…

The design process is through a full dialog with the client in order to comply, optimally, with his requirements. After submitting the drawings, the project moves on to detailed accompaniment with full supervision on site to ensure the correct and professional implementation of the design. It is important to emphasize that to achieve the best possible design, the way in which of the garden will develop over the long term must be anticipated, to avoid future problems and damage.

My Mission Statement

My love of Nature, with its diversity and fascinating scenery, is what led me to create using Nature’s own materials. Planning a garden, which is both a place of relaxation in leisure time as well as a functional space, demands in-depth comprehensive and creative thinking. For me, design is an art form combining all elements – aesthetic and practical – to respond to the unique needs of those using the garden. The planning process exploits the knowledge and experience I have accumulated over many years of project execution. I believe that designing a landscape or a garden is like drawing a picture that combines colors, light and smells that work in harmony together to create a pleasurable experience. Based on my experience, I believe dreams can turn into reality. It all depends on how much you desire it.